Why you need the right agent and team to back your property goals.

There’s an old saying: ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’ Nothing could be more accurate when it comes to real estate.

No matter how property savvy you are, enlisting the help of qualified professionals is always going to achieve a better result compared to going it alone.

Most importantly, having a great team in your corner – from a shrewd agent to a practical financial advisor and knowledgeable conveyancer – can help you achieve your property goals faster and more efficiently.

In this helpful article, Noosa real estate agent, Paul Rily, outlines four reasons why having a team to back you is the key to success.

4 tips for choosing a real estate agent

  1. You will get financial advice that’s right for you
  2. An agent will help you avoid emotional decision making
  3. A great agent will have the right connections
  4. We can help you avoid legal mistakes and extra costs

Tip 1 – You will get financial advice that’s right for you

We all need sound financial advice to help us achieve our goals faster, whether it be taxes, budgeting or superannuation. So why should property be any different?

A financial planner who specialises in property can help you budget and save for your down payment, negotiate a better mortgage rate, and most importantly, help you create a comprehensive plan that includes your long-term property goals.

Paul says a great financial advisor will understand a clients’ goals and objectives.

“They will take the time to get to know their clients so they can make recommendations in line with what their clients want to achieve,” he says.

Tip 2 – An agent will help you avoid emotional decision making

You’ve probably heard this advice before – don’t get emotional about property. This is perhaps easier said than done, particularly if you’re trying to go it alone.

The solution? Employ an agent who is both honest and shrewd.

“A great agent will be prepared to tell a buyer what they sometimes don’t want to hear,” says Paul.

“Property investing requires honesty and pragmatism. This short-circuits wasted time, lost opportunity and unnecessary heartbreak.”

Tip 3 – A great agent will have the right connections

Buying or selling property is one of the biggest financial decisions you can ever make, so you want to ensure you’re working with someone who has valuable connections in the industry.

Whether it’s putting you in touch with professionals who can help with home repairs, or simply sharing your listing with other real estate agents in their office who may have interested clients, your real estate agent can offer resources that may be superior to tackling the process alone.

Tip 4 – We can help you avoid legal mistakes and extra costs

Whether you are buying or selling property, there are many laws, council regulations and taxes which need to be considered in a transaction.

“A contract for the sale of land can be very lengthy and complicated and mistakes in the transaction can be costly and sometimes impossible to sort out later,” warns Paul.

The solution? Paul recommends an experienced conveyancer, who can steer you through these laws and alert you to any potential pitfalls.

“Conveyancers are working with contracts every day. They will explain the rights and obligations required and can help tailor contractual arrangements to a client’s specific needs.”

Buying or selling in Noosa?

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