Getting the best results from your real estate photographer.

Real estate marketing has changed drastically over the last decade. Gone are the days of a basic sale listing comprised of a few snaps accompanied by a hasty write up riddled with clichés.

Property marketing campaigns are now a professional production, with photography the most crucial component. The quality of your real estate photos can dramatically impact a buyers’ opinion of your house and your sales price, so it’s important to prepare your home accordingly so the photographer can produce their best work.

Not sure of what to do or where to begin? Here are ten pro tips for a stress-free shoot, including some insider tips from professional real estate photographer Jess Johnstone, owner of Realview Property Photography.

real estate photography tips 1

Our 10 tips for preparing your property for sale.

  1. De-clutter yourself
  2. Clean, clean and clean some more
  3. Have a lightbulb moment
  4. Remove unnecessary furniture and decorations
  5. Remove all personal photos and items
  6. Consider a home stylist
  7. Prepare the exterior
  8. Clear all cars from the road and driveway
  9. Be prepared to reschedule
  10. Relax and grab a coffee

real estate photography tips 2

Tip 1 – De-clutter yo’self

Prior to photography is the perfect time to clear excess clutter. Overflowing bookcases, tabletops, and generally cluttered rooms don’t photograph well. You want your home to look open and spacious. It’s all about that symmetry!

De-cluttering is a great first step as it preps your home for the big clean. Plus, you’re going to be moving anyway, so why not start packing up as you de-clutter?

Tip 2 – Clean, clean and clean some more

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at the things we’ve seen **shudder*. So, get cleaning! Or better yet, pay someone else to do it. Don’t forget all the little details, like removing coffee makers and air fryers from the kitchen bench. And ensure the bathrooms appear as vacant as possible by storing all your toiletries underneath the bathroom sink.

real estate photography tips 3

Tip 3 – Have a lightbulb moment

This step is so often overlooked. Be sure to check all of the ceiling lights, as well as extra lamps and exterior lights, to make sure that they all work.

“Try to keep light globes a consistent colour – either warm white, or cool white/daylight,” says Jess.

“Just don’t mix them, as mixed globes don’t look good in photos.”

Tip 4 – Remove unnecessary furniture and decorations

Less is more, especially when it comes to the layout of your home. Refer to tip #1 – it’s all making your home look as spacious as possible.

Tip 5 – Remove all personal photos and items

You need to get into the mindset of potential buyers. They want to visualise your home as their new home, and that can be difficult with family snaps in your marketing photos. So if you have a head that only a mother could love, it’s time to put it away (into the cupboard).

real estate photography tips 4

Tip 6 – Consider a home stylist

If you want your real estate photos to really stand out from the crowd, Jess suggests styling your home ahead of a photo shoot.

“Home styling has been known to increase sale value by up to 10%,” she says.

“If you live on the Sunshine Coast, I highly recommend Blink Living and Dress This House. They can work with your existing interiors or completely re-style your entire home for maximum results.”

Tip 7 – Prepare the exterior

Outdoor areas should be given just as much attention as the indoors. Mow the grass, trim the hedges, rake the leaves, re-paint the fence. If you don’t have time yourself, hire a gardener. You want the exterior shots of your home to really pop and grab the buyer’s attention immediately.

real estate photography tips 5

Tip 8 – Clear all cars from the road and driveway

Having cars in the driveway in your real estate photos is a no-go. Always remove all cars, trucks, RVs, and trailers from the driveway and on the street in front of your home.

If you can, ask your neighbours to kindly move their cars from the road to make the street look quiet and inviting. This is especially important for drone shots.

Tip 9 – Be prepared to reschedule

The only thing out of your control is the weather. But if your shoot day turns out to be overcast, don’t panic. It may sound counterintuitive, but overcast days are actually great for shooting interiors.

But if the weather takes a turn for the worse, be prepared to potentially have your shoot rescheduled. Wet and soggy photos of your home and garden aren’t very appealing. Plus it’s impossible to fly drones and capture footage if it’s raining or too windy.

real estate photography tips 6

Tip 10 – Relax and grab a coffee

When the day of the shoot arrives, it’s your time to kick-back and bask in a job well done. Your next plan of attack is…to relax and get out of the house! Take the dog for a walk or grab a coffee or leisurely brunch.

It’s possible that you may have a team of up to six people or more in your home: your agent, their marketing assistant, the photographer, a drone operator, copywriter, and even a camera operator. It’s best to plan to leave your home and give them a non-occupied space to work with. The less distractions for them, the better.

Need more advice preparing your home for sale?

Contact Noosa real estate agent, Paul Rily, to arrange a time for him to visit your property and offer advice on what he believes can be done to make your home more appealing to buyers and, importantly, increase the sale price.

Paul is an expert in selling property in all price ranges across the entire Noosa areas including the suburbs of TewantinNoosavilleCooroy and Noosa Heads.